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If you are required to go airside for your job, you might be obliged - by the legalities of the airport, to have specific liability cover. In a place such as an airport it's vital to protect yourself against any possible third party injury you may cause, or against damage to property that's not your own. Our extremely competitive cover options have been carefully conceived with the special needs of airport concessionaires and contractors in mind.

At Airside Insurance 4u, we understand that each situation is unique, the nature of your activity does not matter: you might simply be delivering laundry, transporting containers, mowing the grass, or involved in any one of the many utility services and functions which take place in an airside environment. You might be working temporarily on a construction project, or providing an emergency service; it doesn't matter, the legal requirements of airside convention probably require you to be covered. Whatever auxiliary role you might play, even if it is just for an hour or two, we have a solution for you which is simple, flexible and one-stop.

A range of things must be considered, whether you are required to work close to an aircraft, or whether your job puts you in a position of specific risk - such as terrorism threats, or malicious damage. Your cover may be very specialised, we've got you covered, whatever the scenario.

Offering cover range from 1 million to 250 million pounds, our team of experts are dedicated to protecting your livelihood and your reputation. Our indemnity insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, offering you comprehensive airside cover and peace of mind. Our solutions specifically meet the requirements for UK-based airside insurance cover.

Most contractors procrastinate about buying insurance because it seems like a complex, time-consuming issue. Using our simple to use and easy to understand form, we make your airside insurance as easy to acquire as possible, taking the stress out of insurance and leaving you to concentrate on what's important, your job. Get your UK airside liability insurance today.

For more information see the Airside Insurance 4u FAQ's.

Automatically included in our policies

  • Motor Vehicle Property Damage
  • Motor Vehicle Bodily Injury
  • General Public Liability

Why Airside Insurance 4u?

  • Specialised in Airside Insurance
  • 30+ years of experience
  • UK-based expert contact centre
  • Cover up to £250 million
  • 24 hour crisis helpline

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